LEGO Pyramid

This pyramid started life as a 28 brick high pyramid that was 4 studs wide. It then grew to 37 bricks high, and at that point I thought it should get ‘painted’ yellow. So out came the tub of yellow bricks, and another layer was added, bringing the thickness of the walls to 6 studs. At overall dimensions of 76 by 76 by 39, yes, it was a heavy unit. This pyramid was built with the help of the nephews, and they contributed to the under-pyramid areas as well. Around 5000 pieces in total.

A few videos related to the pyramid:

  1. Stairs - touch the button on the stairs, and they turn into a slide!
  2. Lava pool - the flaming pool of lava
  3. Touch plate - what happens if you step on the touch plate
  4. Rolling fireball - rolling fireball

First pictures of the freshly painted pyramid, having been put up on pedestals, with the green baseplates representing the new ground level. Having a 'raised ground level' for something this large is a bit of a challenge. Work on this pyramid never really finished, mostly due to the complexity of building a new ground level.

Underside of the pyramid, showing the under part of the secret entrance.

Beginning of the main underground hallway... three ordinary artistic hallway details... or are they?

Note the lever on the wall has been turned to open the door, and here we are testing the knives that swing to the open door when the pressure plate is touched.

Top view of the mechanism, showing the chain that pulls the door open when the lever is rotated, and the location of the pressure plate.

Another hinged door on the right.

Burial chamber, built by one of the nephews.

Small pyramid, that contains a secret entrance to the underground areas....

The secret 'key' that needs to be moved...

at which point the pyramid wall swings in and down, forming natural stairs to the next level.

Follow the path along the plates, heading to the left, where a flight of stairs is encountered.

Stairs heading down to the 'flaming pool of lava'. What does this button do?</a>

Flaming pool of lava</a> You don't want to end up in that...

Yes, there is a secret door on this side of the pyramid....

The key is hidden on this corner...

First move to unlock the secret door...

Second move to unlock the secret door...

The secret door pushes in...

To reveal stairs going down...

leading to the underground...

and the main underground passage.

View from the top of the far end of the underground passage.

Turn the crank to open the first door.

Other side of the wall, waiting for someone to turn the crank and open the door.

Crank has been turned, door opened. Will anyone step on the pressure plate?

Back outside.. will they touch the plate?

Those knives go a long way through the door.

Door on the right leads to the burial chamber.

Burial chamber detail.

Door open to burial chamber. Note rounded part which is on a swivel, and could allow passage into another area of the underground. No pictures, but this led to a maze area...

More burial chamber detail.

Another secret door, this one on the other side of the underground passage.

The door opens..

Leading back down to the other side near the entrance, where we find, underground a river...

Lots of dead people...

a barge waiting on the other side

And ghosts guarding the small building.

Bad things guard this building...

In that coffin is a skeleton made of gold.. or so I'm told. (Another nephew made the building, setup the guards, and told me the story behind it.)

Stairs detail.

Stairs after button is pushed.

Flaming pool of lava.

Lava pool again, before integration into the main area.